Price: 8.00 euros each (One Week Offer Price: 7.00 euros)
Size: dia. 3.8" height 3"
Available: 4 left

Needless to say, these mugs are the cutest and the sweetest! Sofly coloured, they're the ones to have in each cupcake kitchen!


Taki said...

adik 1 mug 7uro ke?

Cotton*Candy said...

ya mama taki! satu 7 euros

dijadeja said...

kalau 7uro tu convert dlm rm bpe ye? sori xbape tau..

Cotton*Candy said...

hi dijadeja! kalau nak convert, you can go to this website -

here's the rate for today: 1 euro = RM4.94
7euros is RM34.62

thanks for dropping by! i've hopped to yours and your dresses are LOVELY!!